Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Monday, May 8, 2017

So I need a kilt

Way back in the dawn of time some Civil Affairs soldier (my branch in the Army) officially registered a tartan, the pattern on a kilt.
The Civil Affairs Tartan
As a Scot and a Civil Affairs officer, I was intrigued. I contacted the kilt maker and found out the Civil Affairs tartan is a special order, and will cost ~ 800 dollars.
See how long that smile lasts after you spend 800 dollars
Knowing that the lovely Dr. Farish would stab me for dropping 800 bucks on an outfit that is still not an official uniform. Never mind the fact that I'd wear to terrorize the neighborhood and possibly even the US capital, I had some thinking to do.
Being brilliant like most CA Bubbas, I quickly figured out if I had a sale on Junior Inquisitor, and explained why, I’d have no problem in obtaining the money for my kilt.
Actual Ad

Which brings us to today, and this post. Go buy Junior Inquisitor, save a buck, and help me go from sexy to dead sexy.

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