Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Prometheus Unchained

                  Welcome to death you POS HTC android phone.

Dead at last!
Thanks to you I remembered swears I had not used since Afghanistan. You were worthless to me and I'm not sad you tripped and hit the floor at high velocity. Your touchscreen was buggy making turning off alarms damn near impossible. Data retrieval was always a “where is it now” snipe hunt. Screen brightness was so weak that unless it was night, there was no point in trying to read your screen. Your idle time was nearly non-existent, slipping back to a locked state faster than one could read a three word post. Impervious to modification, unwilling to meet my needs, and ready to revert back to annoying factory settings on a whim, I learned to loath you with the power and fury of a Grizzly bear with a rotten tooth. I hoped I had lost you many, many times, but no thief was dumb enough to take you and when I finally went looking, there you were, like an annoying alcoholic second cousin parasitically attached and too self-absorbed in pathetic worthlessness to get the hint and disappear.

Yes, you were not paid off, that was how new you were, and it will cost me more money to replace you, but the peace and sastification I now feel with be worth every hard earned penny.
It burns and I feel good.

Burn in the special hell reserved for people who talk in the theater. May your designers be flogged through the streets, the executives who approved your creation be demoted to janitorial staff and your programmers never allowed to touch code more advanced than BASIC. Tomorrow I go to the cell store with a smile on my face for I am free of you and your baneful presence.

I'm sooo happy!

                          So how about some positive news, like -

                           Inquisitor Series


Just 2.99 to get your heart racing

5 Stars - I cannot wait to read the entire series in final perfection...during daylight hours. These are fascinating yet terrifying stories written with incredible detail. The reality that Lincoln writes into his fiction will pull you into his world and convince you it's real. THAT is how it becomes so frightening. When horrible things happen, you will believe it CAN and IS happening. Do NOT read these in the evening. You will have nightmares.

Just released!

5 Stars - If you like beautifully written, dark horror that sucks you in and won’t let you go, this will be candy to your soul.


                          Inquisitor Series


Sunday, October 4, 2015

My first 5 star review of Soulless Monk

Soulless Monk went on sale 1 October. And while I knew people were waiting to buy it what I did not expect was that some would plow through it like a buzzsaw through butter and then post a review the same day.
Next we cut butter for our English muffins!

The 5 star review:

What a riveting tale of horror and heroism!

Lincoln Farish has a way of scaring me senseless and still not letting me walk away from the story. It is definitely NOT for the weak-minded, weak-souled, or even those with the weak stomach.

The bad guys' hatred of all, including each other jumped off the page and smacked me upside the head. I kept telling myself that it was time to go to bed, and yet I continued to read.

Sebastian is still the angry but innocent monk. Aching still from amusia and the loss of his wife and child, he hunts the bad guys with a desperate frenzy that could qualify as dedication or idiocy.

Can't wait for the next book!!!

To say I'm pleased is a lie. I'm very, very happy.

I did things differently in Soulless Monk than I did with Junior Inquisitor.  Changes include POV, who was the main character, surprises, a couple of nice twists, monster types, and so on. I wasn't sure it would work. I'll admit it, I had some doubts. Perhaps changing things in a series would cause problems, the readers might reject what I'd done. Then there was other issues, could I make the “voices” different for the main characters? Would each person be whole and complete, would they live and breathe in the pages, or just read like a really evil Mary Sue, or Marty Stu? Something straight out of central casting and as real as a cardboard cut out? The concept worried me. When I was done I thought I had pulled it off, but the real test was my audience. People who had paid money to be entertained; where they entertained? Did it meet their expectations?

One review is a start, and I'm sure I will have more soon, the big question is, why haven't you started on the Inquisitor Series yourself?
        Inquisitor Series http://goo.gl/5lCyaX

Junior Inquisitor

Smashwords - http://goo.gl/XsGgAC
Soulless Monk

Inquisitor Series http://goo.gl/5lCyaX