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Junior Inquisitor

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My review of Waking Wolfe by S.L. Shelton

The difficult part of turning an everyday man into an action hero, or in this case a junior spy, is the transformation. There is a lot of training, changes in attitude and awareness, oceans of knowledge that must be consumed and skills internalized. In short, too much detail to really be able to explain what you learned and did too anyone who has not been there. The difficulty for a writer to describe the process of transformation is just as difficult. It is a balancing act, spend to much time on the change and it gets dull or bogged down in techno-babble, skimp on the change and you might as well say, “And with a wave of his magic wand James Bond created another fully trained, mission ready clone.”
No more beer for you Mr. Wolfe!
S.L. Shelton has found a middle ground that shows how Scoff Wolfe goes from Techno-geek to CIA asset and more. There is a realness and rawness a visceral truth that Shelton is able to describe to the reader, so that even when Scott is kicking butt, dodging bullets, and fighting for his life, he still believably, a real, regular guy.

The basic plot is Scott has to rescue his kinda, sorta, ex-girlfriend, when right after they have a fight she kidnapped. However this is no “lone man on a mission” trope that we often see in action novels, Scott has a back up computer team, unusual allies and a few converts to help. Standing in the way, agents of The US Government, who thinks he shouldn't get involved, and Russian and Serbian gangsters.

But to call it just a rescue story, or pulp adventure, or coming of age story is to absurdly and incorrectly pigeon-hole this book. The hero doesn't get by on one liners and “just happened to be handy tools and weapons,” nor is it a techo-geek's wet dream where despite being nearly blind with-out glasses, allergic to air and everything else, as well as the social skills of a rabid, incontinent, escapee from the loony bin, he still gets the girl, it is, instead, a believable story about a normal guy who rises to the occasion.
Waking Wolfe is not this at all

Another skill that Shelton has is tying together details that seem trivial in the beginning, but you realize later on had to be there for the story to work, nothing as clumsy as foreshadowing, but hints and clues that you do not realize are there to be examined until you have passed them.

I will be buying the next in the series and enjoyed this one thoroughly.

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Now for updates on my stuff

The Soulless Monk is just about ready to go to the publishers. I'm thinking the release date will be around the end of the month. I'll know more once it has been uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon.

Of course, I'll need to do a bit of a blog tour to help publicize The Soulless Monk, so if you have a blog and like getting traffic, let me know when you have an opening and we'll do a post to remember.

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