Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Shoot 'Em Up and why I'm not starving

I have the house to myself this week. The lovely Dr. Farish was worried I’d starve to death left to my own devices. Ha! We have cereal, so I’m eating just fine. AOC (Army Colonel School) is almost over, IIRC I have just one more class and then the final wrap up and certificates. I will be glad when that day arrives as it does eat up a lot of free time.

The Vampire of Rome is undergoing edits, which makes me grumpy. Still predicting it’ll be out in October, exact date TBD.

So, in addition to military schools, Reserve duty, writing, editing, staving off starvation via Lucky Charms, working on the next trailer, Soulless Monk, and going to work on a regular basis, I’ve also been reading.

Let me tell you about it

Shoot Em Up

Janey Mack for some reason had her publicist send me an ARC (Advance Review Copy) of her latest book. It’s almost like I’m a real author or something. I’ve read and enjoyed Janey’s writing since her first book Time’s Up. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I do not care much for mysteries, or crime dramas. Janey and a few others are the exception to that rule. Give me a good enough story and I do not care about the genre.

Shoot ‘Em Up is Janey Mack’s strongest book to date. Maisie McGrane’s life continues to be twisted, exciting, and compelling. There is an authenticity to Masie’s shenanigans, a realism that leaps off the page, and drags the reader into the story. There was a real reluctance to put the book down, and a bit sadness when I hit “The End.”

Shoot Em Up
In Shoot ‘Em Up, Janey is beset by temptation. Lee, the hot bodied SWAT officer, keeps circling, and Maisie likes the attention. The McGrane clan would really like her to ditch her boyfriend Hank, do something safe, like marry Lee and settle down. Tempting to tell them she’s actually working undercover, taking down organized crime in Chicago, instead of a reporter for an alternative newspaper. Then there’s her target, a Mexican Cartel, which may or may not be involved in the assassination attempt on the mayor. It’s very tempting to run from that assignment, especially as Federal agents from the DEA and ATF are involved, and something is just not right.

Another giant mess for Maisie to clean up, helped and hindered by her family, friends, allies, and co-workers, Maisie is on the job. You know when you pick up this book, it’s going to be a fun ride. Janey Mack and Maisie McGrane do not disappoint. They left me wanting more.

Shoot Em Up


Next week I think I'll review R.L. King's Alastair Stone Chronicles. Excellent series, and she cranks them out almost faster than I can read them. Worth your time and your money.

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