Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Since I’ve been looking for an excuse (any excuse) to avoid doing rewrites, I thought I’d pretend to be productive by talking about what I’ve been reading. 
Right now, I’m reading American Nocture by Hank Schwable, 


and will get to that when I finish, but for now let me tell you about what I finished recently.


The EarthCent Ambassador series is fluff reading, a modern-ish Victorian-style wacky escapade set in the distant future. There is a reason E. M. Forner has fifteen in the series so far, they’re fun to read.

If you’re looking for a bit of very light reading and you like to laugh, I rather enjoy The EarthCent Ambassador series. 

Now back to the important stuff, my books.
Yes, I am working on a new one.
Yes, I will finish it someday.
No, I'm not sure when.
No, I will not give spoilers.
Until then, if you haven't read my other books, try those first.

Ears burning?
Demons whispering madness?
Block the crazy with Junior Inquisitor, now an audio book
Junior Inquisitor Audible
Want to read the old fashioned way?
Click on the links and enjoy.
Junior Inquisitor Book One  

Soulless Monk Book Two  
 Smashwords https://goo.gl/NXw3Gr
Inquisitor Series http://goo.gl/5lCyaX
The Witch’s Lair Book Three 
Smashwords - https://goo.gl/MokJnC 
 Inquisitor Series http://goo.gl/mJtTf8 
The Vampire of Rome Book Four
Smashwords The Vampire of Rome

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