Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why David Wong of Cracked is Wrong

First Mr. Wong's article then my refutation


David Wong, the author, would be correct with his assertions of people banding together to rebuild, if the disaster was localized. Building a community requires stability, consistent laws and governance, work, both the need for the job as well as the location, consistent weather to grow things, safety from zombies/ marauders/ foreign armies. With out these element things may work for a while but eventually the group is overrun, implodes from the inside, members leave, or are killed off.

Japan was able to rebuild because the United States was stable and we could sell/ lend/ trade resources with them, and help them recover. Further Japan while devastated was stable in that it had a government, it had safety, it had stability. Farmers could farm, fishermen could fish and workers could go to their job.

If there was a truly global event, where no where is “safe” then you would have small bands roaming about in the wreckage, fighting with each other over food, gas, and women. Some of those groups will be lead by charismatic nut jobs who would do their damnedest to carve out an empire of blood slaughtering indiscriminately. If you were “other” you would be killed or at least driven off just as ISIS has done in Iraq and Syria. Yes, they have laws and government, but that is only for a select few that all agree theologically, try and move there as a Buddhist and see how log you survive.

And the Walking Dead does address the bigger community issue, those groups keep getting over run because they are a fixed target and can be overwhelmed. It happened to the refugee centers, to the major cities, and to the National Guard guys slaughtered by the Governor. The main group has been able to survive because they have been willing to flee when they had to and were small enough that they could.

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