Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reader's reaction to Junior Inquisitor

                      So what do the readers think?

5* review “I couldn't put it down, each page had me anticipating the next.”

5* review “Be warned, when reading, the normal wall between you and horror may cease to protect you.

5 * review "If you enjoy being terrorized, this may become your fav series ever."


Blurb - Brother Sebastian is halfway up a mountain in Vermont, hell-bent on interrogating an old woman in a shack, when he gets the order to abandon his quest for personal vengeance. He has to find a missing  Inquisitor, or, more likely, his remains. He’s reluctant, to say the least. Not only will he have to stop chasing the best potential lead he’s had in years, this job—his first solo mission—will mean setting foot  in the grubby black hole of Providence, Rhode Island. And, somehow, it only gets worse…
If he’d known he would end up ass deep in witches, werewolves, and ogres, and that this mission
would jeopardize not only his sanity but also his immortal soul, he never would’ve answered the damn

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