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Junior Inquisitor

Monday, March 23, 2015

David J Rodger's Oakfield

All right everyone let's welcome David J Rodger


David J Rodger is known for writing fast-paced thrillers that crossover into Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy. Cyberpunk and the Cthulhu Mythos are key themes. With excellent reviews, he is also the creator of the role-playing game “Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur”. He has written non-fiction for magazines such as SFX and had short stories published in UK, US, Canada and Japan.
His latest novel is Oakfield
Oakfield is ultimately a story of redemption. The main character is trying to adjust to the reality of a new body after being killed in action during military conflict. The body is courtesy of top grade medical cover. But physical miracles can’t heal the mind. When his sister inherits a house from their estranged grandfather and invites him to join her there for a week, he treats it as part of his recovery and as a chance to heal the wounds that sit deep within their family. However, once at the house it quickly transpires the grandfather did not die of natural causes. Strange locals dominate the town. There is worship of nefarious gods and there are monsters in the quiet places nearby. The characters must face this horror whilst picking apart the emotional turmoil of their own relationships.


The figure was skeletally thin, a ragged man dressed in loosely fitted robes. Nothing more than torn sacks crudely stitched together. Clothes, as such, were not a normal aspect for its being. It clung to the side of the tall, finger-like stack of rock as an insect might cling to a plant stem... there was an aspect about it that was almost human, but much more that was not. It knew it was an abomination. Something made for the sole purpose of moving amongst human folk. It carried

out orders without question, without emotion. It lived to serve. A crooked smile stretched thin, rubbery lips as it released its grip on the rock and tumbled into the swift, pulling embrace of gravity.


So there you go, a nice taste of his work.
Pretty damn good writing.

Where can you get Oakfield you ask?


So stop reading my blog and go buy the man's story. And get a copy of my book, Junior Inquisitor while you're at it.

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