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Junior Inquisitor

Friday, April 3, 2015

My thoughts on what makes a book "good"

I had an interesting discussion about what makes a book “good.” The person I was talking with felt that a “good” book was one that reflected diversity, had strong women in it, or other minorities, either as the main character, or a serious, significant role, central to the story.

That saddened me a bit. What she wanted was a story that mimicked her world view, that reinforced her thoughts on how the world should be. She wanted a reflection of herself, not entertainment.

For me, I want to be sucked into the story, I want to fly in unknown vistas, travel to new worlds and cultures, meet the fantastic or usual. I want to be absorbed into the action and care about the outcome.

I don't care if the main character is a little boy who grows into a wizard, or a young woman stuck in a strange place using her mind to figure out how to survive, or a non-human Starship Captain far from home surrounded by hostile aliens, and a mutinous human crew.

I want to be entertained, enraptured by what I read.

One of the best series I've read is Tales of the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, by Nathan Lowell. There are no epic space battles, few explosions, a dearth of villains twirling black mustaches, but it is good. The stories are so well written I find myself completely absorbed by what is happening, by the actions of the characters, their lives and dreams, that I've read and re-read the series multiple times. That is what I expect when I put down my money for a book, entertainment, and for me that is a gripping, compelling story that keeps me reading until the last page.
I want to be enthralled, not lectured or read a sermon. That's what I try to do with my books, entertain the reader, make it so when they start they put off everything else until they hit the end. From the reviews I've gotten for Junior Inquisitor, it seems as though I was successful. I'm working on making sure the next one, The Soulless Monk, is the same.

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