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Junior Inquisitor

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Liza O'Connor's The Gods of Probabilities

Today, instead of me blathering away about the lack of organic, free-range Twinkies at Food Lion, I have a very dear friend and excellent writer Liza O'Connor promoting her latest book, The Gods of Probabilities. When I was just starting out; trying to become an author it was Liza who encouraged me, provided me advice, and helped me grow. She also suggested my excellent editor Danielle Fine, as a good match for my twisty style after several others did not work out. Liza is a prolific writer who likes to find love and romance in every imaginable situation. Even if you do not care for romance as a genre, you will enjoy her books as they are crafted with attention to detail, interesting premises, and for her historical novels, so much authenticity, you will swear you can hear horses clop past your window.
                                                      Take it away Liza


Meet Medusana & Lucifer


Medusana is a junior style officer. So while the Sr. Style Officer is on maternity leave, she takes her place on the Officers Round Table. Contrary to the evidence and the instructions of Captain Zousan, she declares Pane guilty of seven code violations, which angers our God Captain.

Excerpt 1:

What is your prime directive?” Zousan demanded.

To ensure we look like Gods,” she replied.

Second gripped her arm and whispered in her ear with great energy.

She paled. “Forgive me, Commander. My prime directive is to ensure the Path of Light and thus I find the unstylish fellow not guilty of all but violation seven. And to be honest, I will try, but I do not believe I can bring him into compliance with our style standard.”

The auditorium filled with chuckles at her conclusion.

Pane, if anything, grew smaller. His head hung in shame.

Then this court procedure is concluded. Second, you are to locate me a new style officer at once, someone less prejudicial who knows our prime directive without being told.”

(After complimenting Pane for a job well done, he noticed the young woman remains at the round table.)

I want her gone,” Zousan barked, pointing at Medusana. The pretty brunette looked at him, her eyes rounding in fear, and without another word she scurried from the room, her curls bouncing about like writhing snakes.

Excerpt ended:

When Zousan wants someone gone, he normally means sent through the next black hole they pass. Thus imagine his surprise when he later contacts the Dreams department only to find Medusana beneath the table servicing the worthless Poseidon Jr.

When he calls in Second to explain why she’s ‘not gone’ yet, Second admits she escaped a locked room, and the only way that could happen is if one of his security guys assisted her. It takes him a while, but he finds the culprit: Lucifer.

Lucifer has inserted a virus into the ship’s computer and threatens to kill everyone unless he and Medusana are allowed to leave the ship alive. After a bit of negotiation, Zousan agrees to send him to the closest planet, which he hopes is the nearby sun.

Excerpt 2:

Computer, state name of the planet closest to ship.”

Planet Zepwick.”

Damn it. I wanted him sent to the sun!”

You can’t change that, but you didn’t state when they’ll arrive. I can send them back to a time megazega-echons ago. That should keep them out of trouble.”

That’s not even possible.”

Oh, I can do it. However, established time doesn’t like having its data changed, so it ignores new input,” the female computer-voice explained in a tone one might use when talking to a child.

Zousan laughed at the computer’s brilliance. “Do it.” It was a clever solution. Lucifer and Medusana would arrive on an ice-cold barren planet with no way to influence, change or interact with it. He couldn’t have chosen a better Hell if he’d tried.

The Gods of Probabilities


Liza O’Connor


The Gods require a time shifter to ensure the Path of Light reigns during the final collapse of possibilities. To speed the process of finding an Oceanic with the specific talents needed, God DNA is induced in several batches of Oceanic eggs, resulting in a generation of brilliant tiny blue Oceanic children.

One charming boy named Drogan has the ability to manipulate quantum reality in ways that will strengthen the Path of Light. Only trouble is that his gift runs a high probability of killing him and wiping out the Path of Light for good.

While the bureaucratic Gods will try to assist, in Quantum all possibilities not only can, but do happen, so the future is never certain.

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About Author

Liza is a multiple genre author of 15 novels. A Late Victorian Series, The Adventures of Xavier & Vic, plus a spinoff, A Right to Love, is an ongoing series. A Long Road to Love is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance series (5 books). She has two single books. One is a humorous, bad boys contemporary novel with ghosts, called Ghost Lover, the other is Untamed & Unabashed, a spinoff from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Now, she’s rolling out her Science fiction series (with romance & humor) called The Multiverses. The first four books are slotted for last half of 2015. In addition she hopes, if she hasn’t dropped from exhaustion by then, to re-release a sometimes humorous/suspense thriller called Saving Casey.

Liza would love to know: What’s your favorite genre?

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As for me The Soulless Monk is back from Danielle for revisions, and with luck, it be ready to go by August. I still have to finalize the cover, work on some ads, and line up bloggers for a blog tour, but I am headed towards the finish and soon The Soulless Monk, #2 of the Inquisitor Series, will be ready for purchase by you.


Liza O'Connor said...

Thanks for having my troublesome Gods over. I thought you'd like them, given their dark natures.

Farish's Freehold said...

Always a pleasure having you stop by.

Melissa Keir said...

This series looks great. I know Liza's books always keep me guessing and laughing!