Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Duncan Ralston is ready to scare the pants off of you.

Grab you blankie, because Canadian Horror Meister Duncan Ralston is here to tell us about his latest scare-fest GRISTLE & BONE

Duncan when he's happy; you do not want to see angry.

Short and novella-length dark fiction from the twisted imagination of Duncan Ralston.

"Mr. Ralston writes horror fiction that is unflinching and pulls no punches." - The Ginger Nuts of Horror

"A collection of stories that will have you glued to them from the first words." - Confessions of a Reviewer

"God damn is Ralston a fine writer!" - DLS Reviews

"Duncan Ralston is writing honest stories about real people, pitched headlong into extraordinary situations. And that is what makes them so horrifying." - Ken Preston, author of Joe Coffin (review for Dirge Magazine)

               From the story //END USER

     The final message from Mason's mysterious Spammer was a link. He didn’t want to see what this person—or persons—had to show him, but curiosity trumped logic yet again. Logic wasn’t having a very good day.

Squinching his eyes shut, Mason clicked it.

He heard the rumble and screech of a subway train.

No, his mind screamed. No, no, NO!

But his eyes confirmed the answer was indeed yes. Yes, it was College Station. Yes, the timecode was just about the time of the suicide—or murder—and yes, he was more than a little terrified. His heart leapt like a cat in a cage as he muted the sound.

The train entered a crowded station. Passengers filed out, passengers filed in. The doors closed, and the train rolled on. The security camera had a good view of the Designated Waiting Area, looking down on the benches and waste cans, the suicide hotline phone—diplomatically (as was Canadian custom) referred to as the "Crisis Link"—and the yawning black mouth of the exit tunnel.

A few riders were left on the platform, one of whom was a man in a trench coat who stood on the yellow line, much too close to the tracks. A few more people filed in: a woman with an overly large stroller (what Mason liked to call a Baby Mobile Command Unit); a man walking while staring at his tablet; a gaggle of teenage girls laughing and acting generally annoying; and a man with a bushy beard and stained coveralls, who looked like he could have been homeless.

Suddenly a huge spark of electricity zapped out from the covered cables on the wall. Tablet Man, who'd been leaning against the wall to read, jumped out of the way, his large feet kicking out comically as he backed into Trenchcoat. Trenchcoat stumbled, still much too close to the tracks. He swung his arms in a circular motion to regain his balance, the tail of his coat whipping out behind him like an actor in a John Woo movie.

Too late. Trenchcoat disappeared behind the ledge. Smoke began to rise, presumably from the third rail, as a crowd gathered. The homeless-looking man ran for the edge and reached out. A charred hand came up from the tracks, grasping at it….

The homeless man jerked a look to the left. He jumped to his feet and waved his arms frantically.

Bystanders leapt back in terror as the train rushed in, filling the void, wincing as the train crushed the man in the trench coat to death.

              Lots more where that came from

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Feeling brave? You know you want to buy a copy. Go ahead; what's the worst that can happen?

                 Get your copy today : Gristle & Bone

Now if you are looking for dark urban fantasy that's almost horror, there's always my book, Junior Inquisitor.

The Soulless Monk will be coming out soon as well, so make room on your shelf, bedside table, or reading cubby because Sebastian is back with even more troubles, monsters, and darkness to fight.

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