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Junior Inquisitor

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jack Hammer by Dr. Lynne Campbell

Some of us, the lucky ones, are rarely touched by darkness, some go into the dark to learn and help the rest of us understand, if possible. Let me introduce my friend Dr. Lynne Campbell and her latest book Jack Hammer.

I've looked into the darkness
Dr. Lynne Campbell holds a Ph.D in Forensic Psychology and specializes in Serial Crime. She has worked in both open and closed custody settings, interviewing, assessing, Serial Offenders, for more than 10 years. Dr. Campbell has also spent just as long teaching "The Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour", "Defusing Hostility", "Community Safety", and "The Personality Disorders". She has taught at hospitals in Canada such as Mount Sinai, Toronto General, and CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), as well as for Students of The University of Toronto, York University, George Brown College, and CTI (Canadian Training Institute).

What's wrong with Jack? ...Everything.
Jack Hammer isn't like everyone else. In fact, you could say that he's 'all wrong'. He just can't seem to stop doing very BAD THINGS. Maybe someone will stop him. No...Jacky's way too smart for that.
This is both his story, and his diary of evil deeds. Are you brave enough to experience The Hammer?
Extreme Horror Violence and Brutality. Graphic Depictions. Adult Content and Language.

A few questions –
Most serial killers are sad onanists from the fringes of society, who are quickly caught, why are we so fascinated with them?
I feel our the fascination with Serial Killers stems from the desire to understand the unknown. They are still not so easily explained with respect to the 'Why?' of how they lack most of the emotions in the human spectrum as well as to their addiction to killing. The great debate of Natures vs. Nurture continues in Forensics. Additionally, they are often of extremely high intelligence, and are difficult to catch. In some cases they have been killing for years, with unimaginably high body counts, before they are apprehended (if they are apprehended). There are always a large number of active Serial Killers in the world and I believe people want to know why, and how to better protect themselves and their loved ones.
Where you got some of your ideas?
My ideas for Jack Hammer are based upon my experiences and my knowledge of Serial Predators over the course of my career. I took the most extreme cases and combined them to create the enigma that is Jack. As a character of fiction, but rooted in true crime, he is a safe learning tool for those that want to get inside the mind of such a heinous predator. It's violent and upsetting, because they are, but knowledge is power.
Any literary inspirations?
My literary inspirations are vast and include the works of Doug Clark (former RCMP Officer who established Profiling), Dr. Scott Peck, Martha Stout, Colin Wilson, Doug Seaman, and John Douglas (Former FBI Profiler and Task Force Lead), to name a few.
Big fan of what kind of genre of books?
My favorite genres include True Crime, Horror fiction, The Occult (non-fiction), Paranormal Investigations (non-fiction), World History, World Religion, Spirituality, as well as Urban Legends and Folklore.
        Plans for the next book?

I do have the outline for my next book in the works. It's called Mr. Stone, which is an acronym for 'Monster', which will be an Occult Horror Fiction novel. I have to keep a lid on the rest for now, except to say it will explore other realms and the darkness that may come for us should we open the wrong 'doors'.


What is the underlying message about your book?
"It is not a random book of violence. It is the tale of the evolution of a Serial Predator worse than any in history, based on my experiences, research, and knowledge as a Forensic Psychologist. I created the novel so that people can learn about the way these individuals think, the emotions we have that they lack (empathy, compassion, love, regret, remorse, guilt), and how they behave. I hope to open the reader's eyes about how such predators stalk and lure people in, so that they may better protect themselves in the real world. There is an educational and informational purpose to Jack Hammer. I hope the majority of people who read my updated Preview and my novel, will see the bigger picture here. I do not condone what Jack Hammer does. I do not condone violence, period. I am showing his cruelty and his violent nature in graphic detail in my novel because there are people out in the real world who have a cruel and violent nature. Jack Hammer is vile and disturbing because such predators are vile and disturbing. There are people that torture and kill both animals and people, and the more we can understand about them, the better off we are. There are people who are wired differently, and who feel nothing with regard to the suffering of others. Many of them. Knowledge is Power. Ignorance is not bliss. The wiser we are, the safer we are."


Jack Hammer is available now on Amazon.

If you want some madness and mayhem from a slightly less scientific perspective,

Monsters, Witches, Madness, and those who have to stop them!

Now for the low price of 2.99, less than a cup of fancy coffee, and never bitter.

                        Amazon - http://goo.gl/D6KrbX

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