Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

According to Lucian, we have Russian Assassins roaming about the heartland.

Edits are wrapping up for The Witch's Lair, after that it's off to the formatting team over at Indie Imprint (www.indieimprint.com), and then delivery to Smashwords and Amazon. We are still on track for my release on Valentine's Day, and I'm sure those who read will understand why I picked that day. I should be able to set up pre-orders through Smashwords, and possibly Amazon. When/If that occurs I'll post it all over Twitter and Facebook.  The Blurb from The Witch's Lair at the end of the post.

Today we have a bit of a mysterious guest. A man who wants to remain anonymous for the moment and goes by the name Lucian. He's here to talk about his book Russian Assassins in America.


The Russians aren't coming. They're already here.

Vladimir Koralov used to be on an elite KGB team many years ago. Then, a mission went wrong and most of the team was killed. Or so everyone thought.

In truth four members killed several others so they could escape communism and defect to the United States. Vlad has discovered what happened and brings a team of assassins to kill the former Soviet traitors.

Now, a Section Chief at the FBI, Hank Rollins used to be a CIA agent during the cold war. When he finds out someone's killing the men he helped defect, he leaves his office and goes back into the field to stop them.

In another place and time, Mike Reagan was a KGB agent. But now, he's so American, he votes, pays taxes, and serves on jury duty whenever he's called. When he finds out people are coming to kill him, he resolves to kill them first.

Al Lincoln has no idea any of this is happening. He, his wife, daughter, and son are camping. He's living the American dream. Until he sees a man from his past in the forest and he realizes the decision he made years ago may cost him and his family their lives. Years of the good life have left him out of shape... but he still has his instincts.

From the Florida Keys, to Manhattan, to Southern California, to the mountains of Colorado, the Russian assassins hunt their prey... until their prey hunt them back.

Will Vladimir Koralov kill the men who betrayed him all those years ago? Or will Hank Rollins get to the bottom of what's happening before it's too late for the men who trusted him with their lives?

This is the first in my Conspiracy series. Each book stands on its own conspiracy. They can be read in any order.


Irina threw her transmission in reverse and stepped on the gas. She drove backward up the aisle and saw the black SUV turning at an angle to block off the aisle. Cars were in parking spaces along both sides of her car and she didn’t have enough room to scrape through. “Brace yourself.”

Dmitri was lying on the back seat and had nothing to brace himself with. Before he could say anything, he heard the engine rev up and felt the car lurch backward causing him to roll off the back seat and fall to the floor. Now on his stomach, he still didn’t have anything with which to brace himself.

Irina figured she wanted to stay away from the SUV’s large, heavy, engine block. She turned the wheel slightly and aimed her car’s rear end toward the SUV’s rear end. It never occurred to her that the whole thing was armor-plated.

The car slammed its rear into the passenger side rear of the SUV. The SUV budged backward about six feet. Her car’s rear bumper jammed into its own passenger side rear tire and cut the tire to the rim. The trunk crumpled in on itself like an accordion.

The car bounced away from the SUV.

Irina rocked back and forth behind the steering wheel. As the shock of the impact wore off, her first thought was why the truck she’d just rammed felt more like a wall and less like a car. “Are you hurt?” she said.

Dmitri turned over on his side, still wedged between on the floor between the back of the front seats and the bottom of the back seats. “What the devil did you hit?”

She pulled the gun out of the small of her back as she looked out her driver’s side window. Her door was blocked by a parked car she hadn’t realized she’d hit after hitting the SUV. “Some sort of American super truck.”

Dmitri pushed himself off the floor and saw his gun lying in the back seat next to him. He grabbed it. “I didn’t know Americans had super trucks.”

At least one, it seems.” She pushed the front passenger seat forward all the way, then leaned out and pulled the door handle. She shoved the door open and stumbled out with her gun in her hand as she swung around trying to regain her balance. She immediately got down on her hands and knees and looked under the cars to see if there were any soldiers around.

Dmitri stumbled out of the car after her. Before he could regain his balance, a bullet shattered the window of the car next to him. He fell to the ground as another shot blew through the door.

Did I get him?” the sniper who killed Nikolai asked his spotter.

The spotter looked through his binoculars. “I don’t think so. We don’t have any kind of legitimate firing solution here and I hate that we’re trying to shoot through cars to hit them.”

We don’t have to hit them. We’ve just got to give them another thing to worry about so the guys on the ground can hit them,” the sniper said still looking through his scope.

Dmitri was on the ground, stunned. Irina was staring at him. Neither one of them had heard the shot. They were both thinking the same thing.

Irina saw the golf ball sized hole in the truck’s door the second bullet had made. “If they have a sniper we should surrender.”

Nikolai is up there. He’ll handle it,” Dmitri said.

I’m assuming he’s dead.” She went back to her hands and knees to look between tires for more soldiers. She saw a pair of military boots by themselves.

Irina crawled to the end of the car, taking care to stay out of the sniper’s vision, and looked out. The driver’s door to the black SUV was open. She assumed the driver had gotten out and was now hunting them on foot. “We’re going to get out of here by stealing the American super truck.”

Dmitri was on his stomach next to her. “That’s ambitious.”

See his boots?”

Dmitri looked under his car, between the tires of the black SUV. He saw them. “Yes.”

I’m going to circle around. Count to twenty and then shoot him in the foot from here. I’ll finish him off from behind and pick you up in the super truck.”

She got up to a squat and squat-walked away, making sure to keep out of the sniper’s sight.

Mike Reagan’s car was parked ten parking spaces behind the black SUV and one aisle over. He had picked the spot because there were enough empty parking spaces for him to be able to see six and seven aisles down in both directions.

He sat behind his steering wheel and scanned the parking lot.

He saw some movement between parked cars but wasn’t sure what it was. A second later, he saw a blur of blonde hair. It was four parking spaces behind the black SUV.

He took the foot off his brake and let his car coast in closer.

Irina looked under the car she was hiding behind. The only boots she saw were four parking spaces in front of her next to the super truck. She had an approximate location where the sniper was. As soon as Dmitri shot the man in the foot, she would roll out, finish him off, climb into the SUV, get Dmitri if she could, or leave him behind if she had to.

Link http://www.amazon.com/Conspiracy-Russian-Assassins-America-Lucian-ebook/dp/B00KURL2IW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Main Character's motivations

It’s an ensemble novel but I guess the main character is an ex-KGB agent who has assembled a team of assassins and brought them to America to kill four ex-KGB agents who defected to the US before the fall of the Soviet Union.

What are their secret strengths/weaknesses

Not secrets but his strength is his leadership. It’s rooted in intimidation. His weakness is his temper which he’s worked on not letting it get the better of him.

Any philosophical issues in this story?

Some of the good guys in the novel have betrayed their country (The Soviet Union) and abandoned the belief system imposed upon them and embraced the belief system of the U.S. that they chose for themselves. He sees them as traitors. They also killed fellow KGB agents in their escape so he’s doubly enraged.

When did you start to write this one and why?

It started as a screenplay. Maybe 1997. Then a comic book in 2005 maybe. The Kindle came out and Self-Publishing became an actual possibility so once more into the breach I went. I published it as a novel in 2014.

What's your next book?

Next in the series is Conspiracy: Global Warming
It’s about a Grad Student and University Cop discovering and trying to expose how solar panels cause global warming.

When will it be available?

I'm expecting a release in February/March time frame

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                                 Blurb from The Witch's Lair

Brother Sebastian is back, and facing new monsters and challenges. Sarah, Sebastian's dead wife, continues to plague his sleep, but now a new woman has joined her. Sebastian's dreams have become even more...disturbing.

Thaddeus may have been strong and terrible, but there is worse evil out there. From the deserts of Arizona, to the decaying inner core of Portland, to the Cascade Mountains, Sebastian is on the trail of the wizard who summoned a Gut Ripper and almost wiped out a priory of Hammers.

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