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Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TK Medlock's Concrete Beach, and an excerpt from The Witch's Lair

The Witch's Lair is now 2/3 through final edits, and well on course for its Valentine's day release. Provided, of course the Snowmageddon doesn't bury me under yards of snow and spark a new ice age. As usual, since I'm in the middle of editing and getting
indieimprint.com to format The Witch's Lair, I have a guest author showcasing one of his books. Speaking of indieimprint.com, If you want a professional layout for your book, both print and electronic, check them out; prices are low. And, of course I have an excerpt from The Witch's Lair and the bottom of the post. TK, tell us about your book, Concrete Beach -

                            Amazon http://goo.gl/MfU3dp


Dead things aren't supposed to feel. They surely aren't supposed to kill. Anna the robot does all that and more. Thinking beyond her programming is not just an anomaly it's a necessity.

TK Medlock


His name is TK Medlock. He was born in the house his father bought in New Jersey. Arriving in Texas (via a small town in South Carolina) he began to hone his writing chops. The lone star state is where he calls home co-habituating with his wife and two dogs. When he's not writing he loves to fish sport fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

                          Amazon http://goo.gl/MfU3dp


The old woman was dead and that was that. She always talked of one thing and only one thing and this is where Anna intended to go. She promised one day to take Anna to the beach. They were to retire and finish both their lives there. The Alzheimer's took her to soon though. Cynthia didn't want her to leave South Carolina and be away from the family. That was okay. Anna was going to keep her promise to Ms. Sweeson.

                            Amazon http://goo.gl/MfU3dp

Main Character's motivations

Anna is a service robot accused of murdering her owner. She escapes during the trial and heads to the one place her owner always spoke of...the beach. She wants to live and prove that she is not a misfiring piece of machinery gone rogue. She lives, she loves and she can protect.

What is their secret strengths/ weaknesses

Her strengths are her deep programming and access to a wealth of knowledge. Her weaknesses are her inability to not care for humans and the fact that her hardware is susceptible to saltwater.

Any philosophical issues in this story?

The juxtaposition of what is good and what is evil runs concurrent throughout the story. The question whether humans have the market cornered on emotions is asked. Anna displays all the range of emotions and the reader must judge for themselves her guilt or innocence. She has adopted her owners philosophy often times trumping her programming.

When did you start to write this one and why?

I wrote this story over three years ago. The intrigue which translated to urge birthing into obsession continued throughout the entire time. I wanted to see what Anna was going to do next. The idea of something supposedly unfeeling becoming human-like captured my imagination.

                             Amazon http://goo.gl/MfU3dp

What's next in this series or in your next book?

My next story is even stranger. This is about a guy who likes to masturbate while performing erotic-asphyxiation. He loses consciousness and time travels to a strange medieval like land where he is the leader/King.

Preview of your next book?

Lester Bernard liked to masturbate and hang himself from different structures for chills and thrills. Someone on the outside looking in would say he was this way because he had two first names but Lester knew different. He knew he was this way from birth and that's just the way things were. You either got with the program or you got your ass on. His father had always said that.

When will it be available?
January, 2016

                                         Author Links

Thank you TK, sounds like a book worth buying and enjoying.
The Inquisitor Series is growing – Valentine's Day the third one in the series will be available. Again at the bottom another excerpt. Click on those links to get your copies of the first two today.
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Inquisitor Series - http://goo.gl/mJtTf8
               Soulless Monk Book Two
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            The Witch’s Lair Book Three

Excerpt from The Witch's Lair available Valentine's Day 2016

I was back on point picking my way forward when the forest got quiet. I snapped my MP-5 up to my shoulder and peered through the sights, my trigger finger curling inwards when I saw them as they emerged. The size of an angry Rottweiler, they had claws, long lapin- like ears, and hopped on furry padded feet. Jagged teeth framed open mouths, and they had black amethyst eyes.

Five of them in a row sprang forth from a small gully and, without emitting a sound, attacked. The bear trap like claps from my suppressed MP-5 seemed to echo in the stillness as I let off a three round burst at the one in my sights. As I swung my MP-5 to aim at the next monster, I took a step to the left. Brother Malachi would be stepping to the right to break up the group, preventing them from swarming one of us. The move also helped make sure we didn't get in each other's sight picture and take an accidental bullet.


Liza O'Connor said...

Interesting robot. I've got an AI coming out that build's itself a human like robot form. He was created as a program that became sentient because it was programmed to learn, so it not only learned facts, but also emotions.

I wonder if they'd get along... Book sounds most interesting. I'll have to check it out.

And Lincoln: Seriously? Valentine's Day? Your books are fabulous but terrifying! You are PERVERSE, but I can't wait to read it, even if it will give me nightmares.

Farish's Freehold said...

Liza, I have my reasons, and I'm sure you will agree Valentine's Day is the day to release The Witch's Lair.
Give TK's book a shot, I think you might enjoy it.