Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lullaby of the Dead, new picture of Brunette Sonya, and more about The Vampire of Rome

As everyone should know by now Sonya arrived on Thursday, the second of June 2016. She came out with blue eyes, brown hair, almost as dark as mine, and with my widower's peak, although on her it would be a widow's peak. Stats for those who care 7lbs 10oz, 20 inches long. Her older sister is – adjusting to the situation.

We need to talk about this hair line of mine

While I did get to pick out the name, the lovely Dr. Farish would not budge completely, so it's Sonya with a “y” and not a “j,” sorry Robert E. Howard.

The Vampire of Rome continues along. I'm near 60K, there are a few more showdowns to write, some monsters who need to be purged, firefights, explosions, and mayhem. With luck I'll actually be on time to get it to my editor in July. Then comes the drinking, I mean editing. Couple rounds of that, a cover design, some promo ads, and a few other odds and ends, and you should be able to read it October-ish.

Yes, October. A man's gotta know his limitations, and I'm not a fast typist, nor a full time author. But one day that will change...one day. As I am busy feverishly typing and sleeping when no one is crying, I have recruited another horror writer for you to discover and enjoy, Lynn Lamb. Despite her name and living in California, she will scare you with her stories. Take it away Lynn -

Coming Summer 2016

Lullaby of the Dead, Book 1 of the Opus of the Dead Series

Are you willing to entertain a different vision of the afterlife? Landry Sinclair has a story to tell—listen carefully.

I played the strong, professional career woman. Beneath the fa├žade, I was lonely and ashamed. My plans for upward mobility were squashed when I fell into the hands of a ruthless serial killer. I became entangled in his rich web of heinous acts. After he slipped a date-rape drug in my drink, then brutally tortured me, I awakened to an inescapable nightmarish realm on the wrong side of the mirror.

And I was not alone.

Will I be forced to idle here for an eternity, peering through the mirror into my former world, helplessly watching as a homicidal monster butchers woman after woman?

We watch life through windows, mirrors, and doors—pay attention.

I know because I sing the opus of the dead.

Coming Summer 2016

Prologue to a Life Unlived

Life begins with tears, and it ends with tears.

Birth is joyous for the parent, but not for the infant. We begin existence alone in a quiet world. Heartbeats and the rushing music of amniotic fluid carry us in a perfect weightless suspension. We are torn from the only true peace and are painfully pushed into the harsh light, sound, and touch of life. We know not what to expect—therein lays fear. Mothers cry in elation and relief. Infants bellow at their first experience in the severe truth of the living realm: the excruciating knowledge that the exquisite darkness of the womb can never be theirs again.

As soon as we become used to life—it is time to depart. Then the tears come from others if we are lucky enough to have anyone love us. On the brink of the abyss, we are likely to weep in mourning for what was, even if our past unraveled bleakly. We are about to arrive at this unknown, if there is anything on the other side. No one living knows, no matter how faithful their declarations are to the contrary. Only in death do we find our next reality.

We watch life through windows, mirrors, and doors. Pay attention.

I know because I sing the lullaby of the dead.
Coming Summer 2016


Did you ever wonder how you would survive a global nuclear apocalypse? Lynn Lamb imagined it into existence on the written page!

Lynn Lamb is the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series, The Oxymoron of Still Life, a Short Story Anthology, and Mechaniclism, an Apocalyptic~Horror novel. Lamb was inspired by the characters in her hometown of Monterey, California. She is also an independent filmmaker and scriptwriter.

She is excited to announce her next novel, Lullaby of the Dead, a Horror-Dark Fantasy, coming in the summer, 2016!

The Survivor Diaries explosive series and Mechaniclism’s chilling novel have made a big bang and a scream on the literary scene. Grab some of these incredible titles, and don’t miss out on this rapidly rising, chart-topping author!

Social Media and Web Links:
Author's Website: http://www.lynnlamb.com/
Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/1Je5New
Twitter: @DiariesSurvivor

Coming Summer 2016
Main Character's motivations:

Landry Sinclair is a murdered woman trying to make it in the world of the dead while she watches her murderer through the mirrors in the house she is trapped in. She is motivated by an intense need to find a way she and her fellow ghosts can escape their limbo. Landry also wants to make sure the man who took her life pays for his actions.

What is their secret strengths/ weaknesses?

Landry has trouble relating to others. As she is finding her way amongst an established nest of apparitions, she is learning to work with this group of varied personalities from different eras.

She is extremely intelligent and motivated to make it in her new world. As she figures out her mistakes from life, she is determined not to continue them in her afterlife.

Any offbeat obscure or 80s references?

There’s a Partridge Family reference that flies over the head of the main character who is only in her early thirties. I sure hope some of my readers are old enough to get it. I also have some Easter eggs for the fans of the Survivor Diaries series. In Lullaby, there’s a chapter entitled Moving Mountains—also the title of Book 3 in that series.

When did you start to write this one and why?

I began writing Lullaby of the Dead in January of this year. I was working on Book 5 of the Survivor Diaries series, but this one screamed at me until it got my attention. I actually saw a piece of art by the very talented woman who designed the cover of Lullaby, Consuelo Parra. It depicted a distressed woman in a mirror, trying to press her way through. I tried to imagine what she was going on inside her backwards world when I realized, perhaps she was trying to stop something from happening on the other side.

What's next in this series or in your next book?

Well, I would love to finish Wanderers on the Wind (Survivor Diaries), but I need to see which book demands me to work on it the loudest. The next in the Opus of the Dead series is Dissonance of the Dead. So, your guess is as good as mine. ;)

Now that sounds like a book worth reading! I'm already wary of mirrors, you can always see something move in them out of the corner of your eye, when you look at one from an angle. After I read this...

Speaking of dead things walking, check out the Inquisitor Series, supposedly best read during the day, for at night, the monsters come out, and things go 'bump' for no reason.
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BTW last week's hidden movie quote was from The Maltese Falcon.
This week's hidden movie quote should be easy and I'll award the usual bonus points for whomever gets it.


EM Kaplan said...

I stopped by for the baby picture, obviously. :)

Liza O'Connor said...

Cute baby!

Farish's Freehold said...

I hope Brunette Sonya met Expectations EM

Farish's Freehold said...

Thank you Liza, I think so as well. Even if she looks a bit like me at the moment, we are hopeful she'll grow out of it.

Lexa Cain said...

Sonya is absolutely adorable! You're doing great with the new novel; that's way faster than I can write. I enjoyed hearing about Lynn's horror books. I did't realize she was a rapidly rising and chart-topping author, but now I do! ;)

Farish's Freehold said...

Thank you Lexa. It's some time discouraging when you see people post "I typed 25K today," and I've managed to complete a sentence,