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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Superheroes and which Indie Magi could beat Sebastian

The Vampire of Rome first draft is done. Kinda. Okay, there is a bit I need to finish up, but that will not be difficult. I hope. In any event, the main portion of the story is with my editor and is currently being whipped into shape, with the wrap up to follow on soon. As this week end is another Reserve Weekend for me, this seems to happen every month. Weird. I might have some evening time to myself to wrap things up. If not I’ll just have to keep snatching time in the evening and on free weekends.
As I live and work in the DC area I use public transportation, mostly the METRO and VRE and like most things out of DC it is expensive and inefficient. There are some good points, however, I have lots of great stories; like the time the train didn’t stop at my station, and it took me an extra hour to get to work, or the time the train engine died and we were pushed by a follow-on train, and it took me an extra hour to get to work. Also I can read, and so I do.
The Inquisitor series is not quite horror, more really Dark Urban Fantasy, and as I rather enjoy a good magic-laden story, I also read the genre. Everyone has their own take on magic, who and how it would be employed, what kinds of people use magic and what they do with that power, because make no mistake the ability to wield magic, even just a scrub, makes you very powerful. Not everyone sees things as I do, some use magic for good, some are kinda neutral, others are more anti-hero, so far I’m the only one that has magi being frothing at the mouth insane wanna-be Godzillas with an itch to take out Tokyo.
Despite our differences in “how things work,” I get ideas, concepts or quirks, shadings of things that will make my world better, other times, it’s just fun. I also like to see how their magic users would stack up against my Inquisitors.
I suspect most everyone has heard of Larry Corriea, Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne, if not you really need to check out their books. But, that is nowhere near a complete list, there are plenty of others that you should read as well; there is R.L. King, with luck, she will be hosted at the Freehold soon.
R.L. King
Alastair Stone is British, a pretty serious magician, a good guy, and inhabits a dark corner of California called Stanford. Interesting premise, slightly dark so far, each book gets less cheery and a decent read which gives me the occasional idea. So Alastair Stone, would he survive the Inquisitors? Nope.
If there is anyone with a world as bleak as mine, it’s Sam Witt, and his Night Marshall of Pitchfork County, Kentucky.
Sam Witt

Pitchfork County is a grim and grimy hollow full of crazy where the dark things roam and casually snatch up residents for a snack, or sacrifice, or because it’s Thursday. Joe Hark as the Night Marshall has the unenviable task of keeping the peace as best as he can, when not drinking to forget his family problems. Sam is an indie Clive Barker and not for the easily scared.
Clive Barker
Joe is a badass, but for the most part, Sebastian and crew could do his job.
Domino Finn’s MC is a necromancer called Cisco Suarez a scrappy thug who should have died, and has been playing in the way deep end of the magical pool, only sometimes willingly. Cisco is very much an anti-hero, those who help him, are friends or allies, but woe to anyone who crosses him. So far Cisco has not harmed an innocent, but it’s just a matter of time. I’ve only read the first book, Dead Man but anyone who can make Miami dark has my attention.
Domino Finn
I think Sebastian would have some real trouble here, Cisco has some great spells and abilities, knows how to fight, and isn’t afraid to run if things look bad. A tough Purge, but possible.
Al K. Line’s Faz Pound is a dark magic enforcer.
Al K. Line
His job is to make sure that when something supernatural, human, fey, elemental, or other crosses the line, it gets dealt with, permanently. Not particularly dark, Faz, like everyone else in the world appreciates New Car Smell, but unlike the rest of us, Faz gets to enjoy it essentially all the time. So are there pockets of dark, you bet, but with new car smell, is stays firmly in the happy place category. Faz acting as a quasi-policeman is kinda neutral, not edging on evil like Cisco Suarez, really not a good guy like Alastair Stone, but in the middle-ish. He’s also a real bruiser. It would take a rather large team working well together, to put him down. To put it in perspective for those who’ve read my books Faz probably tops Thaddeus in power and ability.
So that's my recommendations, and I have one more to offer, a modern superhero story, told by none other than my buddy Paul "Big Gator" Richardson. Take it away Paul.
Trident Force Chronicles

Trident Force Chronicles: Sentinel’s Fall

...it is a superhero story that attempts to look at what happens when justice, vigilantism, and the law all strike sparks against each other.” - Moe Lane

Trident Force Chronicles


It was at this point the WCPD showed up, with the Westgate Sentinel and Hawkfox Delta following them shortly. The police officers were busy arresting the gang members while Hawkfox Delta did triage on the gang members to see if any of them needed medical attention. Only one gang member had a broken nose.

"Oh no." said Westgate Sentinel as he walked up to the trio of superheroes. Blue Star had gotten down from the roof of the building and had join Red Spade and Mantis Skin. "You three are working together now? Well, do not leave me guessing, what is your team name?"

Mantis Skin looked to his team mates and they both nodded to him. Mantis Skin walked up to the very intimidating Westgate Sentinel.

"We call ourselves, Trident Force."

Paul “BigGator5” Richardson

Questions & Answers

Trident Force Chronicles

Main character(s)?

Trident Force Chronicles isn’t about one hero, but multiple superheroes living in the fictional Westgate City. The Westgate Sentinel has kept the city safe for some time now. However once Westgate Sentinel is driven to retirement, it will be up to the other guys to step up. Mantis Skin, Red Spade, and Blue Star are the core characters and creative driving force behind the novel.

Any philosophical issues in this story? If so how do you address them, how does MC live and overcome them?

One of the biggest issues is that of law versus order. I want to see what happens when a superhero who has brought order to a major (albeit fictional) American city, falls. This story also challenge my view on vigilantism.

I am also a conservative and a lot of the story is from the conservative POV.

When did you start to write this one and why?

November 2015 for NaNoWriMo.
And I wrote it for two reasons:
1) I wanted to tell a superhero tale by a conservative and for conservatives.
2) It wasn’t until the Ferguson and Baltimore riots that gave me the themes that inspire this book.

What's next in this series or in your next book?

The next book, “Trident Force Chronicles: Chaos Theory” will pick up where this book leaves off.

This is not going to be a trilogy, but an ongoing series until I have nothing more to say.

Preview of your next book?

“Sentinel’s Fall” is about breaking the status quo and the immediate aftermath. “Chaos Theory” is about the actual vacuum left behind and the rushing onslaught of nature filling that vacuum. Westgate City has been having living the high life and now the hangover begins. The trio (and others) will have to deal with crime and city corruption.


When will it be available?

July 4th, 2017.
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