Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gothic Horror Anyone?

Howdy! The weather in DC has been great and terrible. At the moment it is in the 70s, and we are scheduled to have snow tonight. Crazy.

I have been working on a new series, think more Lovercraftian, a bit of techno-mage, some snarky humor, and a younger MC. Oh yes, no monks so there are women. Not that I think the MC will ever get anywhere, but his attempts, like almost all teenage boys is a humorous train wreck to watch.

I have short story already complete, we will see what I plan to do with that, and am working on a full story. Once that is done it is back to #5 in the Inquisitor Series, where there will be more monsters, more horror, and maybe even more of a certain condottiere.
Bedtime Tales

Amazon - Bedtime Tales

Three short horror stories in the gothic fashion, not spinning blades and blood flying, but emotion and drama are what the author uses to frighten you. For most I think it will keep you from sleeping soundly for a night or two.

I like gothic horror, but it is tough to really scare me that way. I deal with darkness not only in my writing, but also in real life, so the bar is kind of high for me. Think Event Horizon, or Mr. Frost levels necessary to give me chills.
The Scariest EVAH!
The book is well written; I didn’t notice any layout errors, continuity errors, or grammatical errors. I will be on the lookout for what he does next.

Amazon - Bedtime Tales
Currently the book is free, so I say go get your copy and see if you agree with me.
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