Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Witch's Lair book trailers and reading with your ears

This post is going to be fast short and hard hitting. A bit like my books. In any event, let’s get to it.

The long anticipated book trailer for The Witch’s Lair is now complete.


And the mini-me version


Last but not least, the audio version of the Junior Inquisitor is now available. Now you can listen to Sebastian’s exploits during your commute.
Junior Inquisitor Audible
Want to read in the old fashioned way?
Click on the links and enjoy.
Get it free here - Goth Witch of Philly

Junior Inquisitor Book One  

Soulless Monk Book Two  
 Smashwords - https://goo.gl/NXw3Gr
Inquisitor Series - http://goo.gl/5lCyaX

The Witch’s Lair Book Three 
Smashwords - https://goo.gl/MokJnC 
 Inquisitor Series - http://goo.gl/mJtTf8
The Vampire of Rome Book Four


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