Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Short post about The Vampire of Rome, and things

Sorry everyone, but between trying to get The Vampire of Rome out, Reserve Weekend, the Neverending Porch, the Lovely Dr. Farish's lead-foot, re-shoots for my next book trailer, and so on, I've not really had the time to do a proper post.
Bad part is I've got some great, funny, smexy questions from Laurie Vincent @mnnovelette , about the sexual side of Vampires (My Vampires? Ha!) and I've managed to read several books, most of which are worth telling you about.
I'll do better next week, promise.
Good part -You can pre-order The Vampire of Rome here


And Saturday, the 15th you can explore the hidden world of Rome with Brothers Sebastian, Tristan and Malachi. As for the Vampire, think Dracula's angrier meaner cousin. He's not cruising high schools looking for his long lost love, he's draining and dismembering cardinals to terrorize the Vatican, for reasons.... That's why Br. Sebastian is on the case.
Too bad one of the Brethren is betraying Sebastian's team.
Oh and the Police and Carabinieri are looking for them. They have questions about a gun battle and arson.
There's also undead clowns, monkeys, elves and a few other nasties in the way as well.

Wondered about Brother Maurice? Not sure if he's crazy or not? How about an absolutely free, no strings attached, no mailing list to sign up for Short Story?
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