Junior Inquisitor

Junior Inquisitor

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vampires romantic paramours, or vicious killing machines?

With a mighty hallelujah my fourth book in The Inquisitor Series, The Vampire of Rome has been released. I still have the never ending porch build, a lead-footed wife, reshoots for the book trailer of Soulless Monk, work, and Reserves (it’s always in the 80s in Puerto Rico) but at least my book is out. Let's watch a video to celebrate.

My friend and fellow author Laurie Vincent sent me some questions in reference to Vampires. Now Laurie writes erotica, sometimes humorous, sometimes adventurous, but always well done. You can follow her on twitter here -

And check out her latest book Shameless Captive here -

So let’s move on to the first question, remember these are not questions a dark urban fiction writer would worry about, but questions one might have to answer if writing Vampire Erotica. Is Vampire Erotica a thing? Maybe it should be.

Laurie - When the vampires in your book bite people, do they die, becomes their slaves or get turned into vampires?  Do they die, become slaves -

Yes. There are different kinds of Vampires. They are categorized by what they feed on for nourishment. Quotes are from The Vampire of Rome.

First off, you have the Drakuls, from Eastern Europe. Those suck blood, and their feeding is messy, so if you see blood sprays, it's probably one of them.

"Next up you have Djirie from the Middle East. They drain the fat from their victims, leaving the corpses looking shrunken, like they haven't eaten in a year. Bite marks will be in the stomach. They're got a long raspy tongue that scoops up the fat.

"Intelicus feed on the brains. Their typical range is Greece and modern Macedonia. Their fangs are the front two teeth, and they bite the head. The fangs are hollow and they inject a type of acid that liquefies the brain. Then they just suck out the liquid. By doing this, and we still don't understand how, they get all the knowledge of their victims. Preferences are for the very smart or witches and warlocks. All Vampires can do some magic, but Intelicus are far and away the best at it.

"Kinkos are from the Far East. China, Japan—there have even been some reports in the Philippines. They drain their victims sexually. Corpses will have their genitals gnawed off.

Do they die, become slaves –

If the Vampire kills, drains the victim completely, he or she “usually rises after three days and becomes Undead, bound to the Vampire and utterly loyal. They're strong but slow. Bites usually lead to an infection that you may or may not recover from.”

As for making Vampires -

"Vampire Lords are how you get more Vampires, but they can only make a few. Our best guess is if they [Vampires] survive for about 200 to 250 years, they become even more powerful. They can do magic, mostly transformations, like into bats or fog, but some mind magic and bindings and similar. It's at this point that they've changed over into a Vampire Lord.

"Once they become a Vampire Lord they can create a Zombie—resurrect a soul from hell and bind it here on earth in a new body. Zombies are just as fast as one of the Undead, but they have the smarts and abilities they had before they died. Create a Zombie from the soul of a gymnast, and you have one that will win the gold every time. Summon a witch or warlock, and you have a zombie that can do magic."

If a vampire was going to bite a woman and his fangs slipped (by accident, of course), and he bit her on her breasts, would she become a vampire? Would he have to bite her on both breasts, or just one, for the bite to "take?" Would it matter if she had breast implants? On a similar note, if a woman vampire bit a man on his "man parts," would he become a vampire?

And now we see the difference between Smexy Vampires and the killing machines that inhabit the world of Inquisitors. Depending upon what type of Vampire (see above) different parts of the body are targeted for sustenance. Humans are food, and thought of as such, feeding is not foreplay.

Okay that’s enough for this week Laurie has many other questions that I will get to over time.

I’m currently on a writing hiatus, this will probably last until this weekend when I will once again return to my office, which some have mockingly referred to as a garage, and either start on number five. There is also the option of another short story. Or perhaps I'll begin on a new series.

More details on which way I'll go to follow.
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