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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Girl Named Watson, and a nearly completed work with no title

Okay I may be exaggerating a bit, I’m at 37,000-ish words on my new novel. Which makes it more like 2/3rds done, so by the end of March I should be close, if not done. Now all I need is a title. And an edit or three.

What is this literary masterpiece all about you ask?

Oh, well. It’s more horror than I usually do, Cthulhu mythos, with a 17-year-old protagonist, who’s trying to stop cheerleaders from being sacrificed to the Old Gods and can’t seem to find a date for Prom.

I’ve really enjoyed writing it so far. I post updates every now and then on FB, so if you’re really interested https://www.facebook.com/lincoln.farish.7.

Will Kevin finally get a date for prom?    Not telling.

Will cheerleaders stop dying?                    Perhaps.

Will the finale be a mix of John Woo and The Red Wedding? - Oh yea!

I dislike Romance, the authors are very nice people for the most part, fantastic even. Many have helped me understand the book biz, but the genre itself does little for me. So when my friend Emersen Lee put out her book of shorts, A Girl Named Watson, I was a bit nervous about opening it up and reading. I was wrong.

Amazon - A Girl Named Watson

A Girl Named Watson Review

Emersen Lee weaves a series of stories about realistic love. Not the stereo-typically chubby, mid-thirties, woman of failed relationships and an emotional baggage train a mile long that only the Alpha-Bear of the He-Man Were-Bear Shifter League can fulfill. No, Emersen looks at our base natures and the attempts to banish loneliness, even if just for a while. She writes with a deft pen, plumbing the depths of the solitary ache that is life with-out love. There no purity of the character's souls intertwining in a match made in heaven nonsense; this is the relationship dance we see every day in friends, relatives, and sometimes, ourselves. The potential train-wreck that we cannot look away from, fascinated, revolted, and sure that it will come to disaster in the end. There is truth in her words, the heart wants what the heart wants, even if the relationship is bad long-term, even if it means a summer fling, even it means disappointment in the end.

Amazon - A Girl Named Watson

There is a rawness, an underlying sadness, a hint that things will not workout, that 'all you need is love' is the trite slogan of thirteen-year-olds’, not a reality in her stories.
After that Emersen goes into describing what in means to wear clothes that may look great but try to kill the owner in the hot humid days of Summer.

Amazon - A Girl Named Watson

If you want 'happily ever after' fluff, to soothe your delicate sensibilities, there is a whole range of bear-romance available. If you want to know the pain of being alone, and the desperate measure humans will go to feel wanted, I highly recommend this book.

Author Interview with Emersen Lee

Emersen Lee
Would you call A Girl Named Watson romance or something else?

Lol...A Girl Named Watson is the furthest thing from romance. It has elements of love in it, but at the crux of all the shorts is the fickleness and the cruelty of the human heart.  We fall in and out of love. We take our partners for granted for whatever reason, and then we remember why we loved them in the first place.  By the time that realization comes up, sometimes it's too late. The loss felt on all sides is defining and rather life altering.
Is there a sub category for satire of the heart?

Do you write in any other genre?
Urban thriller with focus on the wars in the Middle East. 

When did you start to write A Girl Named Watson one and why?
I wrote Watson for a friend who was going through a hard time last year.  It started as labor of love to cheer him up and ended up being a full blow short story. I gave him the happily ever after he wanted. 

What's next for you in writing?
Political satire with Washington DC being the star.

Preview of your next book or series?

When will it be available?
 Hopefully mid spring!

Emersen Lee

Where to find her -

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