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Junior Inquisitor

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your Literary Posse

Sorry for the delayed post everyone, but trust me I think you’ll be fine with the hold-up. The Horror Novel with No Name chugs along, here’s a bit for you (please remember this is first draft, not even edited by me, let alone some who knows how to edit and gets paid to do so) -

“You seem to be here all by yourself Marshall,” Corporal Devins said his voice full of doubt.
“My partner and one other US Marshall will be here shortly.”
“So you wouldn’t object to us looking around making sure everything’s quiet.”
“This is a Federal operation, so what you need to do is leave,” I said crossing my arms. It looked defensive, but it meant my hand was almost touching my pistol. Cinci PD had not been chummy last time we met. Officer Massy was watching me intently ready to follow his partner’s lead. His hand was still on his pistol.
“I’m going to have to call this in,” said Devins.
“Feel free to do so. In your car. Away from here.”

Your Literary Posse
If you are like most Indie Authors you are looking forward to that day when you go - LEGIT. That glorious day when you are so successful as an author, it is your primary occupation. When movie deals are discussed, groupies swoon in your presence, lesser literary mortals weep with envy as you stride past, and, most importantly, your posse is formed and theme music chosen.

Difficult questions that have plagued authors since the days of Cervantes. Before you start to quake in terror at the possibilities, let me illustrate what other authors are doing. Perhaps that will help you decide.

Remember if you are thinking of throwing down to steal another author’s literary mojo, you must go through their posse first. If you are successful, you may be able to have a one on one duel with the boss.

Emersen Lee - Theme - Work Bitch by Brittney Spears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt8VYOfr8To

As Emersen is a noted kickboxer, she would be accompanied by overly oiled men who are ready to rumble. Rumor has it this is the least of her mini-bosses.

Find out more here - https://emersenlee.wordpress.com/

Emily Kaplan – Theme - WTF by Missy Elliot

Emily will occasionally teach an aerobics class, and you might laugh thinking, “Sweating to the oldies.” In reality, what you have instead, is a large group of highly energetic protectors who will wear you down into a quivering pool of sweat before taunting you with, “Just five more.” Yes, they will be laughing at you.

Find out more here - http://justtheemwords.com/

R.L. King - Theme - Sentinel by VNV Nation

A prolific author, not much is known about R.L. King other than she is LEGIT, and deservedly so. I have reviewed her books and Magus Stone multiple times here, and here. Given her choice in theme music and her magical using Main Character, I propose her posse would be dressed thusly.

Go ahead, tell her you think her book deserved a one star. Hope your will is updated.
Find out more here - http://rlkingwriting.com/

Janey Mack - Theme - Sunny by Bobby Hebb

Classic music for a classic lady. Her posse will be dressed in vintage Rat Pack style. While we may not think much of clean lines and a well-tailored suit, remember these are the guys that used to bayonet Nazis on several continents before hanging out with the Mafia in Vegas. Show respect or prepared to take a long ride into the desert.

Find out more here -  http://www.janeymack.com/

Lucian - Theme - Don't take me for granted by Social Distortion

Lucian also keeps quiet about his appearance. However, rumor has it he lives in one of those lumber-jack-almost-Canada states. Thusly, I propose he'd favor a flannel based style for his Posse.

Adam Dreece - Theme - Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Being a sophisticated man with a classical education, polished manners, an affinity for Dapper Dan products and a saber that thirsts for the blood. Adam adopts a more classic style for his posse. Again, well dressed and well-mannered does not mean weak. His smile might turn from ‘Happy to meet you,’ to ‘Let’s kill Batman’ in the blink of an eye if you are foolish.

Find out more here - http://adamdreece.com/

Rick Gualtieri - Theme - Paranoid by Black Sabbath

Like most LEGIT authors, Rick is an incredibly decent person. However due to his size, both physically and literary, when Rick enters a room conversation stops. After all he is rocking the Lex Luther look and doing so with style. His posse, rumored to be journeymen authors, are dressed for battle and ready to throw down. Be respectful.

Find out more here - http://rickgualtieri.com/

What about me you ask?

Well I’m not LEGIT, yet, but if I was -

My theme – Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

While it's true I look damn good in a kilt, and make women swoon in my uniform, I look ever better in a suit. If I ever get to the lofty level of LEGIT, my posse will be a modern incarnation of the Rat Pack. Dressed thusly and with my particular theme music no one will be sure if I there for a dance off or a broken-bottle barroom brawl. Both are likely.
There you go. Fine authors, decent people, and dangerous to mess with. You’ve been warned.
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